These messages were shared at the Clarence Matheny Ministries conference in Nairobi, Kenya in March 2012. God moved in an amazingly powerful way at these meetings and these messages have been placed here specifically to encourage and equip pastors and leaders. Messages are in English with Swahili translation.

English/Swahili - Steve Fish - Church and the Kingdom of God

God has not called us to build or own kingdoms.  He has called us to advance His Kingdom!  This message, birthed out of years of pastoral experience, will help raise your vision of how God always meant church to operate.  Church is not about pressuring people to be more committed, it is about loosing people to flow together in their God-given gifts and passions.  Church is not just people gathering, but a community of people knit together who are becoming a habitation of the presence of God.

English/Swahili - Steve Fish - Flowing in the Holy Spirit

Ministry is not about striving, trying, and having to produce.  Ministry is all about finding out what God is doing and lining up with Him.  Everything shifts when we begin to get in touch with the amazing power of God.  The power that raised Jesus from the dead is now within us and is waiting to burst through to advance the kingdom of God.  God wants to strengthen you and to release you to flow in new depths of power and love.  The river of the Spirit is not drying up, but is flowing in amazing powerful ways.  These are days to be strengthened and empowered in a greater way than ever before!  Get ready to receive fresh anointing and a greater capacity to flow in the river of the Spirit.

English/Swahili - Steve Fish - New Covenant Leadership

Jesus has given us authority to disciple nations.  He has given us an amazing gospel.  The gospel is incredibly good news!  We have been given a new covenant that is very different from the old covenant.  Are you preaching the gospel of the new covenant?  Are you reading and viewing all of scripture through the finished work of Jesus?  This message will help empower you as a leader to bring the freedom of the new covenant into every part of your life and ministry.

English/Swahili - Steve Fish - Releasing Courage

Our calling is to equip and empower the next generation.  God wants to give us vision beyond our lives.  Vision that inspires and motivates us to release courage into a new generation of leaders.  Moses gave the courage that he had to Joshua.  Joshua was empowered to go places that Moses would not go.  This powerful message will help equip you to give keys of courage and authority to those that the Lord has put around you.